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19 Frugal Tips to Make Life Easier and A Little Folk Lore

Everyone has those moments when you say “now why didn’t I think of that?”.  I love little tips that help make life easier and use every day items that I have on hand.  Hope these frugal tips will help you as well!

  1.  Mini chocolate chips go further, because you use fewer to impart that delicious flavor.
  2. Use stackable cooling racks in your fridge to add extra storage space.
  3. Cupcake pans can be used to make large ice cubes for punches or blanching
  4. Plastic grocery bags can be used to wrap around items going to the freezer, as extra layers of protection against freezer burn.
  5. Use hot water, Borax and a flannel cloth to clean greasy kitchen walls.
  6. A Mason jar, a funnel and a piece of fruit in the jar, make an excellent fly trap.
  7. Boil a piece of Ivory soap for 45 minutes, in calcium stained pans and tea kettles.
  8. Boil vinegar and water for 10 minutes in pans with burned on food.
  9. Use baking soda and cold water to soak pans with egg and milk.
  10. Use hot water to soak pans with sugar and grease.
  11. Clean mills, grinders and mortars, by grinding rice.
  12. Flour the bottom of a roasting pan for thicker drippings.
  13. Wet sand on concrete helps keep the dust down for sweeping.
  14. Use paint brushes to clean wicker.
  15. Lemon juice can clean rust stains.
  16. Quickly clean tarnish using aluminum foil, water and salt.   Lay foil on the bottom of the sink, fill sink about half full, add salt.  Place items in sink so they don’t touch each other, but come in contact with the foil.  Watch tarnish magically disappear.
  17. Use a pumice stone to clean hard water stains.
  18. Buttermilk removes mildew from cloth.  Soak, let dry in the sun, then wash.
  19. Use a screen window for drying sweaters.

How about a some folk lore?

  1. Watch birds and animals.  They will alert you to bad weather and danger.
  2. The first twelve days after Christmas will indicate what each of the months in the next year will be like.
  3. The age of the moon, (number of days past new moon) at the first snow, will tell you how many time it will snow that winter.

Hope you enjoyed these!