Saving Oxeye Daisy Seeds

I spent part of my morning harvesting spent heads from my Oxeye Daisies.

It was a beautiful morning.

Heidi was laying in the shaded grass, listening to the birds singing, reveling in the light, sweet smelling breeze as it blew across her and standing at attention whenever the sudden movements of a rabbit were within her line of vision.

I was doing much the same, as I was sitting on the front steps, picking through daisies, plucking the petals off the flowers and stripping the leaves from the stems.  The thought of the thousands of seeds I was gathering was mind boggling and I couldn’t help but be excited by the possibility of all those future plants!  It’s very empowering to know you can take seeds to produce more plants and when you’re frugally-minded, it’s also empowering to know how much money you can be saving!

To the best of my knowledge, these daisies are Leucanthemum vulgare, which are field daisies and naturalizing perennials.  In fact, they are invasive.  I started out with one small plant and this is what I have now.


They are even growing in the grass!


After stripping the leaves and petals from the flowers, this is what I end up with.


I then hang these bundles upside down in a paper bag and wait for them to dry out.  When they are completely dry, all I’ll have to do is give the bag a pretty good shake and I’ll have the seeds gathered in the bottom of the bag!


  • Gathering free seeds from Mother Nature’s bounty
  • Keeping a variety of flower in existance
  • Enjoying nature as you harvest
  • Having seeds to share, sell, and grow

I’m not sure how to quantify the savings (or possible earnings) created by all these seeds, but seed packets are at least $2.50 per packet of 500 seeds and quarts of daisies can cost as much as $10.00 per quart.  I am going to go with a moderate estimate and say I would save/earn $300.00 from all these seeds!