Saving Money on Razors

Saving Money on Razors

A couple months ago, I was having a conundrum.

I was down to my last razor and needed to get more.  The cost of disposable razors makes me furious and the thought of adding more items to the landfill makes me crazy.

It was time to stop and think of an alternative.

I thought back to my teenage years and remembered my dad giving me one of his old safety razors.  A metal safety razor and a box of double edge razor blades will last for years.

That’s it!  A perfect solution!

Saving Money on Razors

I use the blades until they don’t comfortably shave anymore, then they get transferred to a utility razor blade holder for odd jobs around the house and garage.  When they’ve outlived their usefulness, they will be put in a can and turned in to a recycling center for hazardous materials.

I also found a recipe for Homemade Shaving Cream that I really like:

1 cup olive oil

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup Castile soap

Just stir it up and put into a pump bottle or jar.  You can also add a few drops of essential oils to make it smell nice!

I’ve been happy with my decision to switch to safety razors and I would recommend you give it a try.  🙂


  • Saving money
  • Keeping items out of the landfill
  • Using shaving cream without chemicals
  • Multi-purposing razor blades

A nice safety razor costs about $20.00 and a box of 100 razor blades costs around $9.80.   A decent, disposable razor costs an average of $3.00 each.  To buy that many disposables would be $300.00, but I only spent $29.80!

MONEY SAVED:  $270.20!!