Cleaning a Vacuum

Keeping Your Vacuum Clean

We take for granted that our vacuums clean our homes, but every so often they need a little attention to keep them running well too.

If your vacuum is just not picking up the dirt like it used to, it probably needs a good cleaning.  Time to take care of your equipment.

About every 3 months, I take my vacuum apart and really thoroughly clean it.  By the time I’m done, it looks and works like it’s brand new!

How to Clean a Vacuum

  • Start by taking all the filters out.  Remove the screws that hold the bottom plate on and this will give you access to your beater brush and belt.
  • Wash all the parts, that are washable, with warm soap and water.  If you have paper filters, a dry brush toothbrush will help you get the worst of the dirt out of them.  You can also take them outside and tap them against the ground to knock some dirt out. Take the attachment hose and run water through it, then hang it up somewhere to dry.
  • Clean the outside and inside of the main body of the vacuum.
  • Let all of your parts dry for 2 or 3 days!  Making sure everything is nice and dry before putting it back together will help prevent mold.
  • Put everything back together.
  • Now you have a nice, clean vacuum that will work much better!

Cleaning a Vacuum

Once a year, during my routine maintenance, I will replace all the filters and the belt with new ones.  For my model, this costs about $20.00.

This little bit of maintenance really helps a vacuum last longer and you will notice the difference in how much better it works.


  • Extending the life of your machine
  • Satisfaction of doing it yourself
  • Money saved in the long run, by buying fewer replacements

No money saved right now, but extending the life of your vacuum will reward you down the road.  Fewer vacuums bought, and fewer vacuums ending up in the landfills!