Saving Money on Light Fixtures

Recently, we needed a new chandelier for our dining room.  Being frugal, we didn’t want to pay full price for a new light fixture, so we decided to shop in a few thrift stores to see what we would find.

Some thrift stores handle items like light fixtures and some don’t.  I guess it depends on their policies.  There are also home improvement stores that sell used items at greatly reduced prices.

We got lucky and found a fixture for $6.99!  All the wires seemed to be good, and there were no obvious flaws or damage, so we decided to take a chance on it.  If you’ve never done anything like this before, there are videos on the internet.  Otherwise, have someone with experience show you how.  SAFETY FIRST!!!  Be sure to turn off the breaker!!!

We have replaced fixtures many times, so we turned off the breaker and set about changing the light.  If anyone was watching, I’m sure they were laughing.  I was trying to hold the light while David was working on the wires.  Our arms were getting tired and at one point, I moved a bit and accidentally hit David in the head with the light.  Anyway, it all went well and we have a nice, new chandelier!

Saving Money on Light Fixtures


  • Saving lots of money
  • Satisfaction of doing it yourself
  • Learning a valuable skill
  • Feeling empowered

I found a similar light fixture online for $110.00.  We spent $7.00 🙂

MONEY SAVED:  $103.00!!!



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