Being Frugal: The Savings is Substantial

As you may have noticed, I like to show how much money I save by doing what I do.  Right now, the savings is a little over $5000.00 in about a year’s time.  To me, that is a substantial savings!

Everyone’s lifestyles and ideas are different, but here are a few things that saving that much money can mean:

  • More money for family fun
  • More money for charity
  • A little “breathing room” if money is tight
  • More time with family
  • Less stress
  • Possibly being able to work less
  • Satisfaction that what you’re doing is adding value


  • Being environmentally friendly
  • Feeling at peace with your lifestyle
  • Finding what truly is “enough”
  • Creatively looking for solutions
  • Learning valuable skills

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What are your reasons for being frugal?



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