3 Delicious $5.00 Cakes

If you love cake, you will love these delicious cake recipes.  They are seriously the best cakes I have ever made!

Baking a “from scratch” cake is always a very satisfying process for me.  It’s like alchemy; assembling the ingredients, gently stirring them together, smelling the spices, then watching them transform into mouth-watering creations.  I even love greasing and flouring the pans, which was my job when I was a child, baking with my mother.

I call these $5.00 cakes, because I take for granted having the “staples” of flour, eggs and butter on hand. LOL

I can vouch for two of the three cakes being outstanding!!  Haven’t gotten around to the Raspberry-Laced Vanilla Cake yet, but I hope someone can tell me how it tastes. 🙂

3 Delicious $5.00 Cakes

3 Delicious $5.00 Cakes

3 Delicious $5.00 Cakes


  • Saving money
  • Having fantastic recipes for bake sales and benefits
  • Special “baking time” with family
  • Learning or teaching baking skills
  • Delicious cakes to eat!!

Store bought cakes are very expensive.  A triple layer cake can easily cost $40.00 +.  Baking from scratch, cakes cost around $5.00 each (give or take a little).

MONEY SAVED:  On these 3 cakes: $105.00!



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