Investing in Seeds

If you are like me, you impatiently wait for seed catalogs to arrive in the winter, and then eagerly immerse yourself in the colored photos of beautiful flowers and mouth-watering fruits and veggies.  (I also look at seeds online and I do my ordering online, but there’s just something so special about getting those catalogs!)

I browse all the seeds that interest me, including sales and clearance, loading up my virtual cart until it’s brimming.  Then I look at the total.  O_O

Sometimes, seeds can seem a little expensive.  However, I like to think of it in the long term.  If the seeds are not hybrid, I know I can save seeds from each planting and keep that initial “investment” going for years.  If we have some extra money, I’ll go ahead and order a few extra seeds.  I’ve used seeds that are 4 or 5 years old and gotten excellent crops, so I’m comfortable in getting ahead of myself and having a nice sized “stash”.

I also consider that starting my seeds and selling some plants can bring in extra money that can be “seed” money for the next year.  (Pun intended!)

Thinking of all the possibilities, seeds are really a bargain!

When I look at all my seeds, I see life; beautiful flowers, delicious veggies, nutrition for us and our animals, and the promise of food, in good times or bad.  🙂

Investing in Seeds

Investing in Seeds

Investing in Seeds


  • Inexpensive, nutritious food
  • Stockpile of potential food
  • Flower seeds that can be grown and sold
  • Veggie seedlings that can be sold or bartered
  • Saving lots of money on groceries

MONEY SAVED:   I’m not sure how to quantify the savings on this.  The cost of the initial pack of seeds goes down each year you save seeds and replant.  If you sell enough plants to cover the cost of buying more seeds, your cost can go down to zero.  It is a self-sustaining venture!



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