Don’t Stress Over the Mess

It seems like we run ourselves ragged.

We try to do it all.  Hold a job, raise kids (or fur-babies), clean the house, make appointments, do the laundry, cook meals, fix the car, mow the lawn….the list goes on and on.

We stress ourselves out about things that we perceive have to meet a standard.

Think about it:  If someone drops by unexpectedly and your house is a mess, would you “die of embarrassment”?  Is that embarrassment because of what they will think?  Why does their judgement of you matter?  Essentially, you’re trying to keep your house spotless for someone else, who may or may not stop by, and who’s opinion of you shouldn’t matter.  LOL  Kind of nuts, right?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten a lot less “fussy” about how my house looks.  I guess I feel that if someone drops by and doesn’t like how I keep house, they don’t need to come over.  Plus, the people who are invited over, know us and know we’re pretty laid back and that they should probably expect the house to look lived in.  (Especially, with 2 big dogs)

It’s all in perspective and how comfortable you are in your own skin.

For example…

The house is messy:  Hubby and I can pick up and put away what we need to and then sit down and enjoy each others company.

There are muddy dog prints on the floor:  If it’s rainy and things are going to be muddy for a few days, I don’t obsess about them.  Besides, seeing their cute paw prints makes me think about how much joy they bring to our lives.

There are dirty dishes in the sink:  Sometimes after working and making dinner, the thought of doing dishes goes over like a fart in church.  Relaxing and watching a TV show with my honey sounds like a better idea.  Dishes will still be there tomorrow.

I’m certainly not advocating being a slob, I’m just saying it’s better to slow down and enjoy the people around you first, and then do the work according to your own standard.

Life is less stressful that way!

Don't Stress Over the Mess




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