Make Your Own Yarn Slipper Booties

Every year when there is a nip in the air, I start thinking about knitting more slipper booties for the winter!  I make myself 3 new pairs every fall and enjoy wearing them throughout the fall and winter.

I have a set of knitting looms and I use the smallest loop to make a basic tube-type slipper that I wear over my socks in the winter, to keep my feet nice and toasty warm.

Yarn Slipper Booties

Yarn can be expensive, but if you check the thrift stores on a regular basis, you can usually find some pretty good buys.  I like finding full skeins of yarn, but I will also buy left-over balls of yarn in varying sizes.  All of it works and it makes some wonderfully beautiful patterns.

Yarn Slipper Booties

Yarn Slipper Booties

For my super warm booties, I use two skeins of yarn, so I’m knitting two strings at once.  I just keep going around the loom until the slipper looks big enough, then tie it off and start on the next one.  For the second slipper, I just compare the size to the first one.  Nothing fancy, just warm!


  • Making something for yourself or others
  • Using what you have on hand
  • Saving money
  • Leisurely pastime that is also benificial

Hand made booties on Etsy are around $20.00 per pair.  I make mine with thrift store yarn that I get for $1.00 per skein.  I don’t count my time, because it’s an enjoyable hobby that I do for relaxation.

MONEY SAVED:  $18.00 x 3 = $54.00!



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