How to Make a Re-Purposed Clothespin Bag

I remember, as a child, hanging clothes on the clothesline and watching them flutter and whip in the wind as they dried.  I would run between the rows of clothes, enjoying the fresh smell and trying to catch them as they tossed back and forth in front of me.  The same fresh smell would lull me to sleep that night as I laid snuggled between the crisp sheets.

Make a Re-Purposed Clothespin Bag

Remembering how wonderful line dried clothes smell and feel, made me want to have a clothesline again.  Since I’m planning on getting one, I thought it would be fun to make a special clothespin holder.

I went looking around the house for something that would work and it dawned on me that the simplest solution would be to make one out of a shirt!

I found an old cotton blouse.  It’s like what my mom and grandma use to wear, and was from about the same time period as the photo above.  (More memories!)

Here’s how I did it.

Make a Re-Purposed Clothespin Bag

How to Make a Re-purposed Clothespin Bag:

  • Find a sleeveless shirt and turn it inside out.
  • Cut it off about half way up
  • Sew it straight across.
  • When you turn it right side out again, hang it on any standard hanger and fill it with your clothespins.
  • You can access clothespins from the top or the sides!
  • To wash it, just take it off the hanger and dump your pins out.

How much easier can you get?


  • Re-purposing something you already have
  • Making what you need
  • Adding your own style
  • Making something that gives you fond memories

Hand made clothespin bags average about $20.00. Since I shop in thrift stores, I had gotten this blouse for $1.00!

Money Saved $19.00!!



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