Keeping a Garden Journal

The longer I garden, the more I believe in the importance of keeping a garden journal.

By keeping a garden journal, you not only keep financial track of what you’re growing, but you also keep track of your favorite seed companies,  favorite plant varieties, yields, planting times, etc.  It makes gardening just a little bit easier.

Garden Journal

I started out by using a composition notebook that I bought at a thrift store for 10 cents.  However, in anticipation of expanding, I am going to be moving my data to an Excel spreadsheet for easy access and the ability to make graphs.  (I’m a bit of a graph nerd)

Garden Journal Spreadsheet

I’ll be able to track every variety of plant each year, the days to maturity, the yield, and the costs.  Then, I should be able to extract each plant variety into a graph to see differences between years and if they are consistent performers, etc.

I like having a “Comments” section, because gardening has so many variables, it’s good to keep track of them.  I’ll make note of things like diseases, pests, weather, any difficulties with seedlings, and so on.

Gardening is a lot of trial and error, but by keeping tabs on what happens, as it happens, it takes away some of the guess work.

I hope this helps you and please feel free to comment about any additions you would make to a journal!


  • Tracking what works and what doesn’t
  • Remembering the varieties you like the best
  • Keeping track of costs
  • Having a lot of knowledge and experience at your fingertips
  • Being able to pass your knowledge along to others



2 thoughts on “Keeping a Garden Journal

  1. I changed from a garden journal to a garden binder a few years ago I got so geeked out :)))) I like using a binder instead because I fill it full of sheet protectors and slip in various garden & landscaping articles, pictures, etc., along with our planting schedule, how we want to rotate crops the next year, and a growing list of “what the heck are those flowers called again?” 🙂


    • That’s a great idea!! (I have a recipe binder like that. 🙂 ) I just started using Evernote in much the same way as you use your garden binder. So far, I like it, but I haven’t gotten everything situated the way I want it.

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