Free Flower Garden Border

As I was finishing work on a new flower garden, I decided I needed a border.  It couldn’t be just any border…it had to be an awesome border!  Most items I use in my back yard are natural, like wood and rocks, so I wanted to stay within that theme.

I looked through some decorative plates, that will soon be donated to a thrift store, (thinking that they are made of clay and clay is natural), but they just didn’t quite seem to fit.

Then, I went to the garage.  Voila!

Look for Free Stuff

In a previous post, Be On the Lookout for Free Stuff, I showed a photo of these Terra Cotta pot liners.  I had just enough to make a border, plus they fit with my natural (clay) theme!

Free Flower Garden Border Free Flower Garden Border

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I think this looks adorable!  I have my vintage Irises up front, bordered by the Terra Cotta liners.  Both of them fit together well in my mind, because I remember both out on the farm when I was growing up.  Plus, it’s fitting to have flower pot liners bordering a flower garden!

Now, I have a personalized border that means something to me.  It makes me smile and reminds me of my mom and my childhood!  So much better than anything I could have gotten in a store!


  • Using something I found for free
  • Re-purposing items
  • Smiles and warm memories

MONEY SAVED: $10.00!



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