Yummy Pear Butter Recipe

When the pears show up in lugs in the grocery store, it signals to me that Autumn is coming near!

Pear Butter Recipe

Besides eating as many pears as we’re able, I always can fresh pears.  We enjoy having them in the winter with comfort food type meals.

After I have canned all the pears I want for the winter, the rest are designated for  Pear Butter.  I love pear butter and will flatly state that it’s far better than apple butter.  Just to prove it, I will share my Pear Butter Recipe!

Pear Butter Recipe

Wash, slice and cut out stem and seeds from the pears.

Put into large pot and cook in a small amount of water.  (I use whatever left-over syrup I have from canning the pears)

Cook until mushy and then put through a sieve to get the pulp.  Throw the skins into the compost.

To each cup of pulp, but 1/2 cup sugar.  Add some cinnamon to taste and some pumpkin pie spice (because…why not?)  Cook until thick.  Can the butter according to safe guidelines.  http://nchfp.uga.edu/publications/publications_usda.html

This recipe is great on toast, waffles, ice cream or straight from the jar!

Hope you enjoy!


  • The joy of canning 🙂
  • Making a fruit butter without preservatives
  • Making enough to have extra for gift giving
  • Enjoying the wonderful taste of pear butter in the middle of winter

Most fruit butters are $5.00 per pint.  A lug of pear is $10.00, plus about $3.00 for sugar will give you about 14 pints of butter!

MONEY SAVED: $57.00!!!



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