How to Buy Clothes for Next to Nothing

I very seldom buy new clothing.  In fact, I tend to favor comfort and price over the latest styles.

While I was growing up, I had mostly hand-me-downs, clothes my mom sewed for me, and used clothes from rummage sales and thrift stores.  Secondhand clothing was never a big deal and it allowed us to have more than we would have otherwise.

As an adult, continuing to find clothes in thrift stores just seemed to make sense.

Most thrift stores have very reasonably priced clothing and you can find anything you want for just a small percentage of the original price.

Occasionally, thrift stores will have bag sales to clear out their excess or to make room for the next season’s clothing. When that happens, they will furnish a bag for you to fill with as much clothing as you can fit into it and pay a flat price.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  By rolling up the clothing, you’ll get more in the bag!

Here is one of my latest bag sale finds!

Clothes for Next to Nothing

I found 15 pieces of clothing and paid $4.00!!  27 cents a piece for shirts and pants.  Hard to beat that!!  Some of the clothing still had stickers, so they were brand new.

Clothes for Next to Nothing

I also got a jacket because I love the buttons!  Where else are you going to find 3 large buttons for 27 cents?

So, as you can see, you can be very well dressed for next to nothing! 😉


  • Using what already exists
  • Having fun finding great deals
  • Feeling smart for finding such great deals
  • Saving lots of money

According the the thrift store price tags, these clothes would have been $43.00, so that in itself is a great deal.  But, if I had to buy them new, it would have cost at least $250.00 and maybe even more, since some of them were nice name brands.

MONEY SAVED $246.00!!



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