Organize the Tools of Your Trade

Whether your tools are in your kitchen, studio, garage, workshop, or greenhouse, having your tools organized, easy to find and ready to use can mean the difference between getting a job done now or putting it off.

It’s human nature to decide to not do something if there is a barrier which makes the task more difficult.  Most often, the hardest part of a job is just getting started and here are where the barriers lie.

If you can’t find your tools: “I don’t feel like searching right now.  I’ll do it later”.

If your tools are unorganized: “I’ve been digging for 5 minutes and still can’t find what I need.  I’ll do it another time”.

Does that sound familiar?

I owe a lot to Mr. McKigney, my high school music teacher who taught me to play saxophone. (I was a late bloomer).  He understood the psychology of barriers and told me to always have my saxophone assembled and ready to play.  He said that if it’s ready to just pick up and play, I will practice more often.  Such wisdom!  Thank you Mr. McKigney, wherever you are!


5 Tips for Organizing Your Tools

  • Sort your tools and get rid of ones you don’t use (broken or worn out tools are of no use)
  • Keep your tools where you use them the most (keep wooden spoons and spatulas next to the stove)
  • Assemble your tools (take saws and drills out of the boxes and hang them on hooks in the garage)
  • Clean your tools when you are done using them (clean paint brushes so they are soft and ready to be used again)
  • Put your tools away when you’re done (kind of obvious, but how are you going to find them next time if you don’t put them away????)

Organize more, stress less!


  • Less stress
  • More piece of mind
  • Can always find what you need, when you need it!



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