Free Seedling and Plant Markers

I grossly underestimated the number of plant markers I would need this year.  Actually, the number planter markers I bought online was reasonable enough, but then, as it always happens, I went crazy with the number of seedlings I decided to start.

Much like chicken keepers have chicken math (total number of chickens agreed upon, plus however many more you can justify and have room for), gardeners also have a hard time counting when it comes to plants. 😉

It starts out as an itchy, scratchy type of feeling from not having grown anything for months, exacerbated by the long hours spent searching through the mocking beauty of full color seed catalogs that promise delectable vegetables, colorful flowers and inviting fruit trees.  Time starts dragging.  It seems like spring will never come.  Finally, the happy time comes to start seeds, but when you get one whiff of that fresh dirt, it happens…..Seedling Madness!

So, that explains why I needed lots more plant markers :/

I asked my hubby if he could find some cheap blinds for me that I could cut up to make my own markers.   He said he’d come through for me and he did!  The place where he works was going to throw away some blinds and he got them for me.  For free!!

Free Plant Markers

Free Plant Markers

The biggest set of blinds I got were 57″ long and had 40 individual plastic slats.  I like to have 4″ markers, so I cut them using a scissor and a “real” marker as a guide.   I ended up with 560 4″ markers!  I even have a few left over. 😉

Free Plant Markers


  • Re-purposing something that was heading for the landfill
  • Saving money
  • Making do with what you have or what you find
  • Some good cord for use in the garden
  • Strong beams from the blinds that can be used in the garden like posts

Free Plant Markers

Free Plant Markers

Markers are sold in packs of 100 and average about $7.00.  That many markers would have cost me $42.00.

MONEY SAVED:  $42.00!!!



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