How to Make a Decorative String Holder

From gardening and cooking, to everyday chores, there are 101 uses for string.  Why not make yourself a decorative string holder to store it?

Whether you use cooking string or garden twine, there is a cheap and easy way to make a decorative, portable string holder you will enjoy using!

DIY String Holder, old metal canister

This winter, my hubby surprised me with a thoughtful gift.  He converted an old kitchen canister into a string holder.  I use a lot of twine in the garden and his gift allows me to transport my twine where ever I need it, in a decorative, easy to clean and mostly waterproof container.  What a joy!

I don’t know if you haunt the thrift stores like we do, but if so, I’m sure you’ve noticed a variety of kitchen canisters for sale.  You can get them for next to nothing.  I personally like the old metal ones, because they keep critters out and really hold up under harsh conditions.  Plus, they’re pretty!

How to Make a String Holder:

  • Find a canister you like (If you can’t find a canister you like, buy an ugly one and decorate it!)
  • Take the lid off and lay it top side down on a piece of wood (that will keep the lid from denting when you pound the nail through)
  • Find a nail about the side of the string you’ll be using
  • Locate the center of your lid (or just eye-ball it!)
  • Pound the nail through the lid
  • Sand around the hole with a metal nail file (so your string won’t snag)
  • Pop your string into the can, feed the string through the hole, replace the lid and it’s ready to use!

DIY String Holder, old metal canister


  1. Re-purposing what already exists (prior generations called it “Making do with what you have”)
  2. Canisters can be attached to fences or shelves, if a more permanent placement is convenient.
  3. Personalizing it is a fun option, because….why not?
  4. Saving money!

Online, string holders average about $15.00.  Our canister cost us $.50!!

MONEY SAVED: $14.50!!!



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